Social Studies

Ancient History

  • Ancient Egyptians – Uncover secrets about the pharaohs and the pyramids, history, government and daily life.
  • Ancient Greece – Discover your favorite myths and where theater first originated.
  • Stone Circle – Travel back in time – and create your own magical stone circle in Britain.
  • Seven Wonders of the World – Tour the Seven Wonders of the World with National Geographic.
  • The History of Numbers – Where did the world’s first numbering systems come from?
  • Ancient Egyptian Inventions – Ancient Egypt gave us eye makeup, paper, water clocks and other inventions.
  • Ancient Calendars and Clocks – Discover where and when the first calendars and clocks were made.
  • Explore Ancient World Cultures – India, Europe and find out why Ralph Waldo Emerson read ancient Indian texts.
  • The Culture of China – Uncover the secrets of ancient China, its emperors and empresses and the Forbidden City.
  • History of the Olympics – Discover the first athletic games in Ancient Greece at the first Olympics.
  • Tangrams – The Ancient Chinese developed a seven piece game called Tangrams – can you complete the puzzle?
  • The Near East – The birthplace of Western civilization began in the near East often referred to as the “Cradle of Civilization.”

American History

  • Man vs. Myth – What made Christopher Columbus famous throughout the world?
  • Talk Like a Pilgrim – Pilgrims talk differently than we do today – what did it sound like?
  • The Library of Congress – Jump back in time and read about America’s history with the Library of Congress, the biggest library in the United States
  • National History Museum – Fun facts for kids at the National History Museum in Washington, D.C.
  • Virtual Philadelphia Tour – Go on a virtual tour of Philadelphia’s most well-known historical sites with this classroom of some of Philadelphia’s most well-known historical sites.
  • Civil War Pictures – Visit the National Portrait gallery of some of the pictures from the Civil War.
  • Early American Centuries – Get up close to American documents and early American tools.
  • Inside the President’s House – Visit the White House and find out where the Presidents live.
  • Experience the Gold Rush – Experience the gold rush at the museum in Oakland, California.
  • Seward’s Folly – What was Seward’s folly and how much did it really cost?
  • The Oregon Trail – follow the tracks of the Oregon Trail west with the first emigrants. Discover how this expanded the borders of the United States.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King – played a monumental role in the Civil Rights movement – read some of his speeches here.

World History

  • Slave Stories – Follow the stories of four slaves taken from African by European traders in 1780.
  • The Titanic – The 100 year anniversary of the sailing of the Titanic is in 2012.
  • The Middle Ages – Explore life in the Middle Ages.
  • Into the Roman World – Making sense of life in Ancient Rome.
  • The Aztecs – The Aztec civilization was the first “Americans” conquered by Span.
  • Karanis Pottery – An ancient Roman Egyptian farming town is uncovered by University of Michigan archaeologists.
  • Journey with Cleopatra – and visit some of the ancient art of the world at the Chicago Museum of Art.
  • Ancient World of Mesopotamia – The land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.
  • Ancient Man – Read about an ancient prehistoric man found in Denmark.
  • Ancient Civilizations – Visit the British museum and discover ancient technology, buildings, cities, religions and more.
  • The Vikings – Voyage with the Vikings and this classroom from across the Atlantic.
  • Pueblo Indian History – Native Americans have been around since ancient times — find out how long.

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Geography of the World & Continents