Health & Nutrition

The Human Body & Anatomy

How the Body Works: Click on a body part to watch a movie about it, take a quiz or solve a word find. Try clicking on the nose—let it go in the magnifying glass with the downward arrow first, then click it.

Anatomy for Third Grade: See what the brain, lungs, digestive, nervous, circulatory, skeletal and respiratory systems do.

The Strongest Muscle: You will be surprised to know that you can’t answer this question!

Your Brain: Did you know that your brain is the main part of your central nervous system?

Welcome to the Bone Box: Pick a real skull out of the box to see a description of it.

The Human Skeleton: You are born with 300 bones, but end up with just 206. Where did the other bones go?

The Circulatory System: Your blood carries oxygen and food to your cells—discover nature’s coolest transportation system!

The Diabetic Dog: Check out this game to learn about how insulin works in your body.

Hand Anatomy: Did you know that your hands had so many little bones?

Muscles: Half your body weight is muscle.

The Digestive System: Where does your food go after you eat it?

Exercise and the Food Pyramid

Blast Off!: Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to fill up your plate with smart food choices and exercise an hour a day. Fuel up, it’s time for Planet Power!

Exercise for Kids: Exercise for energy, strength, flexibility and balance—besides, it’s just fun, especially when you exercise with friends and teammates.

What’s for Lunch?: Play the movie to learn how the food pyramid and how junk food makes your teeth and body unhealthy.

Cool Food: Click on the beans or just click “Go!” to explore how to build healthy eating habits, even when eating out with your family.

Me Eat Green Food? No Way!: Find out the top 10 reasons to eat your greens—and all of them your mother told you!

Kids World Nutrition: An out-of-this-world way to learn about nutrition and food safety, take a quiz or color.

The Energy Equation: Food + Sleep + Physical Activity = Energy.

Fitness for Girls: Make a fitness plan and stick with it.

Pass the Plate: The Disney Channel takes you around the world to find the best recipes.

How to Play Marbles: Even if you’re sick, you can still get exercise by playing marbles.

Soccer Rules:  Get out and play soccer. If you don’t know how to play this running game, here are the rules. It’s great fun and exercise.

30 Outdoor Games for Kids: Play hide and seek, kick the can, capture the flag, parachute and jump rope, among other fun ways to get moving.

My Plate: Can you eat more balanced meals using this plate?


Stop Bullying: Are you being bullied or have you seen someone get bullied?

Pacer Kids Against Bullying: Be a friend and speak out against bullies.

What is Bullying?: There’s three basic types of bullying: physical, verbal and relationship. Find out what kind of things each bully type does so you can recognize it when you see it.

Be a Buddy, Not a Bully: Can you take the same pledge that the students at Timber Creek did?

Tips to be a Buddy: Written by a student just like you, this article provides tips on how you can be kind to all you meet.

Describing Bullying: What someone says or does might be bullying to some people and to some people it may not seem like bullying.

McGruff: Find out what choice Samantha made in this video.

Angries Movie: You know it is not okay to be mean and make someone feel badly.

Bullies: Take the quiz to see how much you know about bullies.

What is a Bully? What kids think bullying is and how to deal with it.

Bullying: No Way!: Everybody’s different. Bullies pick on what they see as different.

What Can I Do? Work together to fight bullying in schools.

Internet Safety

Safety Tips: The FBI lists some important tips to help you stay safe online.

The Internet Safety Game: Choose a character, roll the online dice and make your way to the Tech Lab.

The Kids News Room: Did you talk to someone you don’t know on the Internet today? Make sure that you tell your parents.

Safety Land: Captain Broadband will save the day in Safety Land.

Internet Safety Quiz: Can you answer these four simple questions on Internet safety?

Safety Quiz for Older Kids: Are you an safety superstar? Answer these seven questions to find out.

Cyber Bullying: Take the quiz to see if you’ve ever been cyberbullied.

Be Internet Safe: Tips to help you stay “net-smart.”

Online Safety Quiz: Can I give someone I meet online my address?

Internet Safety Plan: You and your family need a plan to be safe over the internet.

Teaching & Learning with Disabilities

What’s a Disability Like? Have you ever wondered what it would be like not to see, hear or play sports?

Stories Online: Watch the videos while actors read your favorite stories aloud for you.

Story Elements: Learn about characters and story sequences to see how a story fits together.

Spelling City: Enter words, take a test, use flash cards or play a game.

Science Buddies: It’s hard to think what to do for a science project. This selection wizard can help you out.

Number Lines: Jump down the number lines to help you learn your sums.

Stevie Wonder: This singer was born two months too early and became blind before ever leaving the hospital. Yet, he became a piano player and singer, never letting his blindness slow him down.

Helen Keller: Blind since birth, Helen Keller was taught by her teacher, Annie Sullivan, to see in new ways.

The Braille System: Louis Braille was blind from age 3. He developed a language of raised dots to help the blind feel their words and read with their fingers.

Sign the Alphabet: Did you know that you can use your hands to communicate with “sign language?”